Location:310 West 14th North Street, NY
Free Call 24/7:(+1) 88 700 600
Location:310 West 14th North Street, NY
Free Call 24/7:(+1) 88 700 600

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Gardening tools production

We are a manufacturer of the highest quality gardening tools. Our company was established in 1996. Several years of experience that we have gained so far has allowed us to create a range of the best-class garden and economic tools. They have been appreciated by customers for years and have an established position on the Polish and European market.
BIG tools are perfect for each season. Durability, functionality and the highest quality are the main advantages.
The BIG company is managed by a group of people for whom the production of garden tools is a passion following to their love for gardening. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of our customers, we are eager to introduce new solutions to the market.
The goal of BIG is to meet the needs of customers by offering the highest quality products while maintaining operational safety, compliance with technological and environmental standards and by building lasting relationships with all customers.

Wooden handles production

We started the production of handles for garden tools in 1996. During all these years we have managed to gain wide knowledge and experience necessary in wood processing.
For the production of handles, we use the highest quality raw material that meets the relevant requirements. The handle production process is multi-staged and very demanding.
Well-qualified staff, experience and a properly equipped machine park, we are able to prepare the most demanding projects. The main raw material used by us for the production of wooden handles is pine (85%) as well as beech, poplar and alder.
For many years we have had the FSC® certificate (FSC-C112068) which allows us to obtain wood without affecting the biological wealth and structure of forests.
We introduced premium varnished handles as a first in Polish market which met with great interest of customers. Due to investment in machinery, staff and technological development, we have managed to create unique products of remarkable quality that are appreciated by customers all over the world.

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